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Texas Girls Nursery

One of my long time friends from elementary school was having her first baby!  I just had to assist in the nursery. For one, it was a girl and I rarely do many girls rooms, two, I got a mini vacation out of it! Mom had already picked out the amazing custom bedding from Carousel Designs and send me samples. I then created some custom wooden letters for Kennedy that matched perfectly, and shipped those out a few days before my arrival.


Once in Houston, I met Kennedy for the first time and got to see beautiful momma! The room was pretty much ready to go. Dad had painted the nursery a perfect pink prior to my arrival and all their furniture was ready for baby girl. At this point she was sleeping with mom and dad, we all know how that goes with newborns! It just needed a few items from me. Mom was set on having a tree and some sort of elephant. We color matched the grays in the bedding for the tree and leaves and decided on white for flowers. We used the darker shade of gray for the tree branches and the lighter shade for the leaves. Then I suggested a little sparkle, because what girls doesn’t deserve a little sparkle in her life? So we used the same sparkly sequins I used in the diamond ballerina room for the center of each flower on the tree. Mom really wanted an elephant so I incorporated a heart pattern onto the elephants ears to match the handmade decor she made from her leftover baby shower cards.  Once finished the whole nursery came together perfectly!


After a day of painting I got to explore Houston and traveled to Galveston to see their bay house. I just loved how much art was around both towns! So cool to see all the old buildings with amazing murals painted on them! Can’t wait until I can travel again for work!



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