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Property Brothers Meet n’ Greet

So it’s no secret I am a huge fan of HGTV. I watch all kinds of home makeover shows, designs shows and more!  One of my favorites is watching all the various Property Brothers shows. A few years ago they were coming to the AZ Maricopa County Home Show. I was able to convince my husband to attend and stand in line with me so I had the chance to meet them. Well, little did I know that the line was going to be miles long and I didn’t have a chance at getting in the door! That little day date ended up with us buying an overpriced muscle massager and scouting out other muralists and their pricing.  I also put on my pouty face, held up the Home Show program with the brothers on the cover and took a selfie posting it on Instagram. Of course I tagged both Jonathan and Drew and to my surprise, they responded saying they would see me next time. Side note: when I say surprise, I may have actually FREAKED out with excitement…ha ha.


Now fast forward a couple of years and they are returning to the home show, this time at Westworld in Scottsdale!  I was not missing it for the world! And this time I was prepared! I woke up early, was one of the first 20 in line to enter the show Sunday morning(an hour before the door opened), walked straight back to the auditorium where they were speaking and took my second row middle aisle seat. Would have been first, but those were reserved! Then I waited….4 hours for them to come on stage. Luckily I’m a friendly person and made friends with the lady next to me. Which became very beneficial several hours later! See, we found out that just because you have a seat at the show did not mean you got a picture with them for their hour long meet and greet. You had to stand in that line afterwards and battle the crowds to get there. Some of these fans are nuts I tell ya!  I swear I am not one! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge! So this lady, she decided to leave the show early and stand in line, she let me stay behind and watch the show and held a spot in line for me. Very sweet of her, especially because it was her birthday present to herself to see the brothers. I rewarded her with a glass of wine while we waited in line. After waiting an hour, I handed over my purse and camera to one of their “people”, said, “hey boys”, wrapped my arms around each one of them, smiled and walked off. Literally the best ten seconds of my life.


I printed the photo the next day and it now sits in a frame next to my computer on my desk. I may not have chatted with them, but have hopes that one day they pay attention to my work and ask me to come paint a room for them. I know it’s highly unlikely, but a girl can dream can’t she?


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