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Paris Themed Room

A few years ago I took my daughter’s toddler room into a young girl’s room. She is obsessed with Paris. At the time we were renting a house so I couldn’t do anything fun to the walls, they were an ugly shade of cream. So we had picked out a super cute and colorful bedspread from Target to make up for the lack of color. I then purchased other fun Paris themed decor items at Hobby Lobby, the best place on earth. Ha Ha! Very similar to Target, you go in expecting to buy one or two things and walk out spending several hundred dollars!!


We later moved, to another rental, where the walls were even worse, but I made it work for her. This time I had found this adorable teal colored revamped vanity at Junk In The Trunk vintage show. It matched perfectly! So I paired it with an old ice cream parlor chair and ordered a Paris themed cushion for it. We added an adorable chandelier, again, Hobby Lobby, and a Mural on Canvas I painted for her.


Fast Forward to our current house…the one we purchased, FINALLY! Now I could do whatever I wanted!  I still had the obnoxiously colored, but still super cute bedspread and she was still obsessed with Paris. So my brain started turning. Did I go all out and paint her whole room? Do I paint one wall? How else could I decorate her room?


Well she spends every other week at her dad’s house so I spent a few days one week when she was not here completely re-doing and re-vamping her new room! I had a vision. An Eiffel Tower, like the one in her bedspread, with clouds and a balloon. However, I can’t just have that all flat and painted on the wall. I need elements of pop. 3-D elements if you will. So I enlisted the help of my mother in law – the expert sewer. We made puffy clouds that hung from the ceiling, I ordered a custom cut balloon made from wood that I painted to match her bedding. I also added a cute valance over her window. The only request form my daughter was a photo collage. So I got pictures of all her aunts and uncles, cousins, and other family members, printed them up and make a collage wall next to her bed. The rest of the decor came with us from the previous houses. It all fit PERFECTLY in her new room. Her room may be small, but everything has its own space and is very well put together. If I do say so myself! Perfect for my pre-tween baby girl!    


After finishing her room I posted photos on Instagram and Facebook and it soon became the new loved room. It was picked up by Project Junior, Decor For Kids, petitedelux, and on Instagram. You can just call me Instafamous! I was super excited about this project and how it all came together! I loved seeing everyone’s reaction, and my daughter loved the fact that so many people got to see her room! I loved putting this whole room together so much I am spreading my wings and starting full room decor as an option for clients!


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