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Gold Stencil Kitchen

Thanks to a long time friend who referred me, and felt I had the ability to do anything, I was contacted by this client to re-create a gold and white wall-paper design using a stencil. See, she had two boys in her house. Honestly, that should be all I need to write. Ha Ha. But seriously, two young boys and white wallpaper do not go hand in hand. Especially since this accent wall was in the kitchen.


This was another first for me so I began YouTubing how to videos, best paints, best stencils, etc. I even contacted a couple companies about having a stencil custom cut. Once I figured out the price was more than I wanted to pay I bought the tools necessary to cut my own! So began the process of creating the stencil. Amazon, my best friend, was where I purchased the blank stencil sheets. I also purchased the most amazing tool ever!!! A heated Xacto knife. It makes cutting foam, plastic, and thick paper so easy and flawless. So the Interior Designer, Kristen Hancock of Guided Home Design, had her company enlarge the wallpaper design to a size they felt was appropriate for the space. She then sent me a sample copy so I could trace and use it for the stencil. Once I traced and carefully cut the stencil I took it into my garage, aka office and storage area, to test it out on the wall. I had purchased these metallic creme paints from RoyalDesignStencils, that claimed to work in one coat (which is rare for metallic gold paint) and a special application brush. I taped the stencil up and tested it out – it worked perfectly!  I was excited to start the job!


Two days of lining up, straightening out, and painting a gold stencil accent wall, the client and Interior Designer were more than pleased with how it turned out. The pictures don’t really do it justice. It is the perfect addition to this gold accented modern kitchen in Arcadia, AZ.


Kristen Hancock – Guided Home Design

RoyalDesignStencils on Etsy –


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