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Ballerina Dream Room

This room is every little girl’s dream. Besides the fact that it’s bigger than my master bedroom, the interior designer added multiple chandeliers. Four to be exact. I’m seriously jealous of the glam factor! The room was painted a dusty Cinderella Princess blue, the closet and bathroom a pretty pastel pink. There was a mirror on the wall prior to the whole room makeover. This mirror was framed with some fancy border that was spray painted a light gray and a ballerina bar was added at just the perfect height. What little dancing princess wouldn’t want a mini dance studio in her room?

I was hired to paint a very large diamond accent wall for this little girl. The first thing I noticed was a huge blank canvas. It was my first time doing a diamond wall, so I researched the best way to paint a diamond wall. YouTube is definitely a favorite, or Pinterest, when researching a DIY project. Surprisingly, there are multiple ways to create this look.

Creating diamonds on a wall is a mathematician’s dream! I enlisted the help of my family via group text. Thankfully, I married into a family of fairly smart people. I asked the question “If my wall is X inches by X inches – how do I divide that evenly, being able to double the length of the width?” My smart brother in laws went to work and all had different answers. Not much help originally. But once we got it all figured a grid was made on the wall with a level and tape measure. Once the grid was up the taping began. Taping every other area first, painting them with three coats of a shiny cream color, and then removing the tape. Then the process was repeated with the other areas. You can’t do them all at once as the tape will cross over and mess up the painting.

After two days of painting diamonds I added some cute pink flowers. The same pink that was in the girls bathroom and closet. These flowers where painted at every connecting point of the diamonds. In each flower there was a glued sparkly pink crystal. These gave it just enough sparkle and were perfect for the theme of the room.

All the finishing touches were added. Everything from the name above her bed, the chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the custom sewn curtains, her room was just perfect for a ballerina princess.



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